What is Crowdvilla??

Crowdvilla enables true sharing of a global portfolio of hotels and holiday properties on the blockchain. Based on the concept of the common good, Crowdvilla enables the community to pool its resources and acquire properties together for shared use.

The portfolio will occupy the casual luxury segment that has broad appeal to mobile businesses and holiday travellers.

Crowdvilla is a non-profit organisation (NPO) which combines blockchain technology and real estate tokenization to provide attractive key features to its community and users.

When is the public token sale (and what is the duration of the sale)? ?

The public token sale starts in March 2018 and ends in April 2018 (Actual date to be confirmed). You may visit https://sale.crowdvilla.io to register your account when it is available. The duration of the token sale is 30 days.

Will there be a presale period for the token sale??

Yes, there will be a presale period up until 1 day before the start of public token sale mentioned.

Note: The presale is currently not available yet. Please subscribe to us to receive updates.

Who is eligible for token sale??

To be eligible for token sale, you must be above 21 years of age. Citizens and residents from the following countries are not eligible for the token sale due to regulatory restrictions: Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, China. This exclusion list will be augmented as and when it is required and affected buyers will notified immediately. This is applicable to both the public token sale and the presale.

What is the difference in presale and public token sale??

To reward first adopters, presale contributors are entitled to 10% additional CRV.

How do I contribute to the public token sale or the presale??

You may contribute to the public token sale or the presale by sending ETH to the address stated on https://sale.crowdvilla.io/dashboard#address. Only KYC+AML verified accounts will be able to view the ETH address.

There is a minimum of 1 ETH per contribution. ETH sent to the address without a KYC+AML verified account will be returned (minus the gas charges).

Last submission for KYC verification is before the end of the token sale. Last submission of contribution is within 7 days of the end of token sale.

If you have not registered for your acocount, you may do so at https://sale.crowdvilla.io. During the presale period, a referral code/link will be required for registration. You may find the referral code by following our social media and influencers.

Note: It is currently not available to register for presale or public token sale yet. Please subscribe to us to receive updates on availability.

What is the difference between CRV and CRP??

Each CRV Token represents a share of time-value of use of all properties in the portfolio. CRV Token holders will receive CRP (Crowd Points) on an ongoing basis, proportional to number of CRV Tokens held and length of holding period. These CRP can be used at any time to book for actual stays in any of Crowdvilla hotels and holiday properties.

How do I acquire CRV??

You can acquire CRV by contributing a minimum of 1 ETH in our public token sale or presale. Upon the end of the token sale, CRV will be issued to the contributors via the smart contract address.

Also, you may trade for any existing CRV directly on the secondary market from public exchanges when they are listed. We are currently still in the works with a few exchanges.

Lastly, to increase our portfolio of properties, we will hold future public token sales. This is where you may acquire more newly created CRV.

How do I acquire CRP??

You can acquire CRP by participating in our public token sale. Bonus CRP will be given out along with the CRV. CRP will be generated via the smart contract by locking your CRV tokens for a period of time. CRP can also be purchased for public exchanges or traded for services on our property booking site.

Has there been a private sale of CRV tokens??

There has been no private pre sale for CRV tokens. We do however, have early pre sale for participants who have registered with our early registration codes. You can find these registration codes by following our social networks and our recognised Crowd Advisors. Early participants will have 10% extra bonus CRV.

Is there a vesting schedule for advisors, bounties and the crowdvilla team??

Advisors and Crowdvilla team are vested for up to 1 year. Bounties are given after the public token sale ends. All ETH will be used by Crowdvilla to build the Crowdvilla model transparently. The allocation model for the CRV Tokens can be found in the Crowdvilla white paper.

Does Crowdvilla conduct KYC checks??

Yes. Crowdvilla is partnered with Cynopsis Solutions for KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering)/CTF (Counter-Terrorism Financing) checks.

Why does the KYC check take 5 business days??

As a transparent non-profit organization based in Singapore, it is very important that the contributions collected are from sound origins. We take our onboarding, KYC, AML/CTF risk assessment, screening and documentation processes very seriously. On top of the automation processes, our screening process consist of manual human checks as well.

When will the CRV be given out??

The CRV will be issued upon the completion of the public token sale via the smart contract.

What is the purpose of this token sale??

The ETH from the token sale will be used to purchase properties around the world. These properties will then be take care of by Crowdvilla and be prepared for use by our community.

Why are the token sale stretch goals so high??

We are looking to purchase many properties around the world so that our community has decent variety of properties to stay and benefit from.

What is the minimum contribution for token sale??

There is a minimum of 1 ETH per contribution. ETH sent to Crowdvilla without a KYC+AML verified account will be returned (minus the gas charges) so please ensure that the account is verified first.

What is the max cap of the tokens??

There is no max cap for the CRV and CRP tokens. As we hold more token sales to acquire more properties, more CRV tokens will be issued and therefore results in more CRP tokens available.

How do I calculate the CRV that I will get in the token sale??

You may login to https://sale.crowdvilla.io and use the calculator on the dashboard to do so.

How will the ETH contributed from token sale be used??

80% of the ETH contributed will be used to purchase properties globally. The rest of the 20% will go into the property maintenance, running of booking platform, and all other necessary operational functions.

Where will the locations of the properties be??

Crowdvilla will cover major destinations in the following countries: Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, United States, France, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Thailand and Indonesia.

More destinations will be added based on the stretch-goals reached during the token sale.

Stretch-goal 1 reached (amount of 50,000 ETH) – Israel, Taiwan, Italy, Netherlands, Germany,​ ​Austria,​ ​Denmark,​ ​Norway,​ ​Canada,​ ​Brazil,​ ​Argentina,​ ​Malaysia

Stretch-goal 2 reached (amount of 125,000 ETH) – Russia, India, Dubai, Vietnam, The Philippines, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Poland,​ ​Turkey,​ ​Greece,​ ​New​ ​Zealand

Stretch-goal​ ​3​ ​reached (amount of 250,000 ETH) -​ World Wide

Why does Crowdvilla have a 2 token model??

Crowdvilla uses a Token-Point System built on the blockchain so that the generation is decentralised and transparent. The CRV Token represents a share of time-value of use of all properties in the portfolio. CRV Token holders will receive CRP (Crowd Points) on an ongoing basis, proportional to number of CRV Tokens held and length of holding period. These CRP can be used at all times to book for actual stays in all of the Crowdvilla properties.

How can I earn CRP??

You can earn CRP by lock CRV tokens for a period of time. Locked CRV tokens will generate the CRP after a set period of time.

How long is the lock down period for CRV??

The lock down period for CRV is 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. The longer the period, the more the generated CRP.

Will there be CRP token sale??

No. There will not be a CRP token sale. CRP are generated by locking CRV tokens for a period of time.

Can CRV and CRP be traded??


How will a contributor in the token sale be rewarded??

Contributors in the token sale are able to lock in their CRV to generate CRP which they can use to stay at the Crowdvilla properties. They can also choose to trade these CRP away on exchanges.

When will CRV and CRP be listed on exchanges for trading??

We are currently working on getting CRV and CRP listed on the major exchanges. The tokens are planned to be on the exchanges around Q2 or Q3 2018. You can help to support us by requesting the major exchanges to list our tokens.

How will Crowdvilla manage the fluctuations of the tokens on exchanges??

CRV is backed by the value of the portfolio of Crowdvilla properties. CRP is backed by the value of each night of stay at the properties.

What are the types of properties that Crowdvilla will acquire??

Crowdvilla will acquire apartments in cities, beach villas, hotel buildings in touristic destinations and major cities. You can find the visual concepts in the whitepaper.

Who is eligible to stay in Crowdvilla properties??

People of all ages are eligible to stay at Crowdvilla properties. However, only people above 21 are eligible to book stays at Crowdvilla properties. Stays can only be booked with CRP which can also be purchased with fiat.

How will Crowdvilla acquire new properties after this token sale??

Crowdvilla will run future token sales and issue more CRV that matches the value of the properties.

Who will manage the properties and how are they supported??

A portion of 20% of ETH contributed in token sale is used to support the maintenance and service of the properties. Depending on the jurisdiction, this is done by Crowdvilla staff or independent property management entities.

What happens when a property is damaged/destroyed due to unforeseen circumstances??

All properties on Crowdvilla will have insurance coverage. When a property is damaged/destroyed, the money from the insurance claim will be used to purchase properties of similar value.

Can the community decide the properties to acquire??

No. Unfortunately, most people in the community are not experts in property valuation. Experienced property experts and advisors will recommend the best timing and price point for the purchase of Crowdvilla properties so as to provide good returns and value in the long term for our CRV token holders.

Is Crowdvilla securities??


Is Crowdvilla legally compliant with regulations??

Yes. Crowdvilla has legal counsels in each of the jurisdictions to ensure that Crowdvilla is legally compliant. For more information visit https://crowdvilla.io/legal.

How can contributors trust that Crowdvilla will not misuse the funds??

Crowdvilla is registered as a non-profit organisation in Singapore. Its finances are required to be public and transparent.

What is REIDAO and how does it relate to Crowdvilla??

Reidao is a blockchain technology company. The founders of Reidao had founded Crowdvilla. Crowdvilla uses Reidao’s technology to support its infrastructure.

Is the smart contract deployed for the token sale??

Yes. Verified contributors who have contributed a minimum of 1 ETH to Crowdvilla’s address will automatically receive CRV once token sale has ended.

Is the smart contract audited??

Yes. The smart contract is audited by New Alchemy Ltd – https://newalchemy.io Check out their blog coverage here: https://medium.com/new-alchemy/crowdvilla-smart-contract-audit-cb38a74014ff

When will the first room booking be available??

The first room booking is estimated to be available on Jan 2019.

Why is CRV a ERC20 Token??

We recognise that the trouble of setting up a new blockchain from scratch is too heavy for our purpose. As ERC20 is now standardised, we believe in the Ethereum Foundation and we hope to emulate the adoption of decentralisation in our journey to achieve global community-owned hotel and holiday properties.

Can I buy Crowdvilla properties??

No. As Crowdvilla hopes to increase its portfolio globally, it is currently not in the plans to sell its properties. This may change in the future.

Can I sell my property to Crowdvilla??

Yes. If your property meets Crowdvilla’s criteria.